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multiple robot path planning algorithm

A new multiple robot path planning algorithm: dynamic distributed particle swarm optimization Asma Ayari* and Sadok Bouamama Abstract Multiple robot systems have become a major study concern in the feild of robotic research. Their control becomes unreliable and even infeasible if the number of robots increases. In this paper, a new dynamic distributed particle swarm optimization (D2 PSO) algorithm is proposed for trajectory path planning of multiple robots in order to find collision-free optimal path for each robot in the environment. The proposed approach consists in calculating two local optima detectors, LODpBest and LODgBest. Particles which are unable to improve their personal best and global best for predefined number of successive iterations would be replaced with restructured ones. Stagnation and local optima problems would be avoided by adding diversity to the population, without losing the fast convergence characteristic of PSO. Experiments with multiple robots are provided and proved effectiveness of […]