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The First Fully Commercial Robocar Will Be in Holland

2017: The Year In Robocars By Philip E. Ross  Posted 20 Dec 2017 , IEEE Spectrum.        This is the year when promises of self-driving prowess began to come due, and when companies began to scramble to meet them, or seem to. In November, Waymo’s pilot ride-hailing service in Arizona put the safety driver in the back seat, more or less fulfilling the promise of the company’s founding spirit, Alphabet’s Sergei Brin, who’d said true self-driving cars would hit the roads by 2017. Earlier, Audi proclaimed that its soon-to-be-released A8 would offer Level 3 autonomy, meaning that it would let the person behind the wheel read the paper or sightsee, provided that he be prepared to take back the wheel after a warning. Cadillac—more careful with its terminology—characterized its new Cruise technology as Level 2; it allows the driver to keep hands off the wheel but uses internal cameras to ensure that he pays attention to the […]