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Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is changing. Here’s how companies must adapt this article is the part of The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting,   /  written by Joe Kaeser The Fourth Industrial Revolution will eliminate millions of jobs and create millions of new ones. Image:     / REUTERS   Although we have only seen the beginning, one thing is already clear: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the greatest transformation human civilization has ever known. As far-reaching as the previous industrial revolutions were, they never set free such enormous transformative power. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming practically every human activity: the way we make things; the way we use the resources of our planet; the way we communicate and interact with each other as humans; the way we learn; the way we work; the way we govern; and the way we do business. Its scope, speed and reach are unprecedented. Think of it: Just 10 […]

What the Fourth Industrial Revolution means for India

India Economic Summit The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway in India – many people just haven’t realized it yet. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, company founders and start-ups are rapidly adopting technologies involving AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D-printing, advanced robotics and neuroscience. Quietly and with firm resolve, visionary leadership in Indian industry is bringing the country into the arc of progress sweeping the world. From water pumps, railway coaches and chai shops; to burger chains, telecom towers and warehouses, the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking root in different businesses, from global corporations to domestic firms and start-ups. The text below is excerpted with permission from Kranti Nation: India and The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Pranjal Sharma. Published by Pan Macmillan India. In Sanskrit, the word for revolution is kranti. It has been associated mainly with India’s fight against British occupation, but the word defines revolution at a […]