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Reliable Flexibility at Speed in Robotics

Chieving Reliable Flexibility at Speed in Robotics Order Fulfillment Neocortex Goods to Robot (G2R) Cells — Universal Logic Supply chains are under intense pressure to move materials at higher speeds to accommodate customer expectations of timely product availability. Automating the handling of diverse SKUs in e-commerce order fulfillment requires human-like flexibility at high speeds. High-speed robots are better than humans at maintaining fast cycle times consistently. On average, humans can handle 600 products per hour (pick and place), if they are under ~10 pounds. Industrial robots can cycle 700 to 1400 per hour with peaks to 27 per minute (1600/hour) with payloads under 20 pounds. Collaborative robots are over 50% slower than industrial robots due to safety requirements. This report examines how the Neocortex Goods to Robot (G2R) Cells, from RBR50 company Universal Logic, provides the speed and capacity of an industrial robot, with the ease of deployment of a collaborative robot. Learn how Universal Neocortex AI […]