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Soft pneumatic actuator, Soft gripper

Comparison of different soft grippers for lunch box packaging Zhongkui Wang†Email authorView ORCID ID profile, Mingzhu Zhu†, Sadao Kawamura and Shinichi Hirai           †Contributed equally    Robotics and Biomimetics    2017 4:10                   https://doi.org/10.1186/s40638-017-0067-1    ©  The Author(s) 2017           Abstract Automating the lunch box packaging is a challenging task due to the high deformability and large individual differences in shape and physical property of food materials. Soft robotic grippers showed potentials to perform such tasks. In this paper, we presented four pneumatic soft actuators made of different materials and different fabrication methods and compared their performances through a series of tests. We found that the actuators fabricated by 3D printing showed better linearity and less individual differences, but showed low durability compared to actuators fabricated by traditional casting process. Robotic grippers were assembled using the soft actuators, and grasping tests were performed on soft paper […]