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World  Conference  &   Forums. 1.    CES 2018 Sony Has a New Aibo Robot Dog and It’s a Bit Disappointing By Vamien McKalin –January 15, 2018 Not everyone might remember the Aibo robot dog Sony released back in the 90s, 1999 to be exact. It garnered a lot of attention at the time, but the technology of the 90s wasn’t good enough for Aibo to go on to become a long-term product. That might change with the revival of this cute robot dog. At CES 2018, the Japanese company showed off the newest version of the Aibo, and you know what? It’s not half bad. Sony manages to put a lot of tech into this little product, which includes around 4,000 parts for it to act life-like. To make things interesting, the robot has a camera on its nose in order for it to recognize family members and friends. Additionally, it has […]

2 new CRISPR tools

1.   2 new CRISPR tools overcome the scariest parts of            gene editing The ability to edit RNA and individual DNA base pairs will make gene editing much more precise. Updated by Julia Belluz and Umair Irfan  Oct 25, 2017, 1:00pm EDT CRISPR-Cas9 can still be a blunt instrument for gene editing. Scientists have discovered two new tools that will make editing more precise and potentially, safer. Shutterstock Several years ago, scientists discovered a technique known as CRISPR/Cas9, which allowed them to edit DNA more efficiently than ever before. Since then, CRISPR science has exploded; it’s become one of the most exciting and fast-moving areas of research, transforming everything from medicine to agriculture and energy. In 2017 alone, more than 14,000 CRISPR studies were published. But here’s the thing: CRISPR, while a major leap forward in gene editing, can still be a blunt instrument. There have been problems with CRISPR modifying unintended gene […]

Cafe : Conglaturation !

 Cafe    :        Welcom to the KOREA  ROBOCOM  Co, Ltd. ! KOREA  ROBOCOM  CO, Ltd  are established in 2010,  Gimhae-City,  Gyungnam,  Korea.   We are in family companys of  the  Korea  Nanotech  Co, Ltd. (Korea Nanotechnology Group).  KOREA ROBOCOM  is  Researcher  &  Developer,  and  Manufacturer  about  Robots  &  Drone,  And   Data Science ( AI,  AR, VR, 4Th IR),   Social Networking,   Smart sensor ,  SMART-HOME, – FACTORY,  & – CITY,  and  Self – Driving st’m , and  Variable Sensors. Furthemore,   IoT  and  4″Th  Industrial Revolution,  and   Artificial Intelligenent ROBOTs   for  Combats,  Healthcare,  Banking,  Searching,  Teaching,  Cooking,  and  Home,  Factory,  Social  and  Service Robots.  The Robots of our products contains with AI systems. Our  KOREA  ROBOCOM  is  consists  of   5’s Divisons.    1). The division of  ROBOTs,     2). The  division of  AI  &  IOT,     3). The  division  of   SELF-DRIVING […]