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Self-Driving system.


1.   This kit will turn your car into a #SelfDriving vehicle#AutonomousVehicles #automation#AI #ArtificialIntelligence via @rajat_shrimal cc @MikeQuindazzi @Paula_Piccard @SpirosMargaris @kashthefuturist @diioannid @HaroldSinnott @chboursin — Rajat Shrimal (@rajat_shrimal) 2019년 3월 19일      2.   Autonomous Vehicle & Self-driving Suttles. This futuristic bus is 100% #ElectricVehicle and #SelfDriving@IntEngineering via @MikeQuindazzi #MWC19 #FutureOfWork #AI #AutonomousVehicles #Robotics #Innovation #ML #IoT #IIoT #4IR @Ronald_vanLoon @jblefevre60 @chboursin @kuriharan @godfrey_rono @mclynd — Rimah Harb (@HarbRimah) March 30, 2019

Uber Self-Driving car kills pedestrian

Uber self-driving car kills pedestrian in first fatal autonomous crash by Matt McFarland@mattmcfarland,      March 19, 2018: 1:40 PM ET Uber has removed its self-driving cars from the roads following what is believed to be the first fatality involving a fully autonomous car. A self-driving Uber SUV struck and killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she walked her bicycle across a street in Tempe, Arizona, Sunday night, according to the Tempe police. The department is investigating the crash. Rafael Vasquez, a 44-year-old test driver from Uber, was behind the wheel of the Volvo XC90 SUV at the time, the police said. Based on preliminary information, the car was going approximately 40 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to Tempe Police Detective Lily Duran. Police say the investigation does not at this time show significant signs of the SUV slowing before the crash. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will […]

The First Fully Commercial Robocar Will Be in Holland

2017: The Year In Robocars By Philip E. Ross  Posted 20 Dec 2017 , IEEE Spectrum.        This is the year when promises of self-driving prowess began to come due, and when companies began to scramble to meet them, or seem to. In November, Waymo’s pilot ride-hailing service in Arizona put the safety driver in the back seat, more or less fulfilling the promise of the company’s founding spirit, Alphabet’s Sergei Brin, who’d said true self-driving cars would hit the roads by 2017. Earlier, Audi proclaimed that its soon-to-be-released A8 would offer Level 3 autonomy, meaning that it would let the person behind the wheel read the paper or sightsee, provided that he be prepared to take back the wheel after a warning. Cadillac—more careful with its terminology—characterized its new Cruise technology as Level 2; it allows the driver to keep hands off the wheel but uses internal cameras to ensure that he pays attention to the […]

CES2018, Continental’s connectivity and AI

미리 본 CES 2018, 콘티넨탈의 커넥티비티와 인공지능(AI)으로 디지털 동반자   ‘디지털 동반자로서의 자동차’부터 ‘시티 내비게이션’까지 상호 연결된 모빌리티(mobility) 위한 실시간 V2X 안전 애플리케이션을 위해 센서 기반 객체 감지, 융합 및 방송을 통해 교차로의 안전성을 높이는 포괄적인 개념의 이미지(사진:콘티넨탈) 내년 1 월 9 일(화)부터 12 일(금)까지 나흘간 미국 라스베이거스에서  개최되는 세계 최대 ‘가전 박람회(CES 2018)’에서 지난번 혼다(기사보기)에 이은 독일 자동차 전장기업인 콘티넨탈이 CES에서 자동화, 상호연결성 및 전동화가 차량을 포함한 전체 이동성을 새로운 유형의 생활 공간으로 어떻게 변화시키는지 살펴본다. 자동차는 새로운 구동 시스템을 이용해 목적지로 스스로 이동하는 자율주행을 수행하는 동시에 사용자의 디지털 생활에서 중심이 되어가고 있다. CES 2018를 앞두고 두 개의 콘티넨탈의 최신 기술이 CES 혁신상(CES Innovation Awards)을 수상했다. 스피커 없는 차체 울림 사운드 시스템인 ‘Ac2ated 사운드’ 오디오 시스템이 ‘차량 내 오디오·비디오(In-Vehicle Audio·Video)’ 부문에서 수상작으로 선정됐다. ‘Ac2ated 사운드’는 현악기에서 사용되는 것과 비슷한 원리로 액추에이터(actuators)를 사용하여 전통적인 스피커 대신에 차량 내 특정 표면을 진동시켜 고품질의 3D 오디오 경험을 제공한다. 이를 통해 콘티넨탈은 전통적인 스피커 시스템이 […]

New high resolution LiDAR becomes more affordable

New high resolution LiDAR becomes more affordable     Nov 25, 2017 in Technology The company Velodyne has unveiled a LiDAR sensor that has improved resolution, range, and field of view. The system consists of 128 laser beam and it could become the new industry standard  Velodyne LiDAR is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that is working on a series of self-driving car programs based on LiDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) technology. Velodyne LiDAR additionally focuses on vehicle safety systems, three-dimensional mobile mapping and security. With the standard Velodyne sensors, these have a range 120 meters, resulting in an intricate image of the road ahead being created for a traveling vehicle. The new improvement announced this month is with solid-state LiDAR sensors, which are more compact than their traditional products. The company anticipates that these can be manufactured at a lower cost. Moreover, by possessing no moving parts the risk of malfunction is […]