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Healthcare cybersecurity.

Digital Health’s cybersecurity imperative   This article was written by Dave Anderson and originally was published on BlackRidge Technology blog   If you haven’t already heard, the age of digital health is upon us. And for healthcare providers, patients and consumers, it’s about time Digital health, sometimes referred to as eHealth or Mobile Health, comprises many elements, but for this inquiry I’ll focus on defining digital health as how healthcare companies, hospitals and care services companies, and patients are adopting and using wireless devices, hardware sensors, software sensing technologies, the Internet, social networking, health info tech, personal health devices or wearables, and mobile connectivity to empower more efficient tracking, management, and delivery of “healthcare.” Already, digital health has shown the ability to improve our own and our family’s health and live more productive lives. Digital health reduces many of the inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, it improves access to healthcare information and services, […]

Smart Farming IoT, 5G to Revolutionize Agriculture

 Smart  Farming  IoT and 5G  to Revolutionize Agriculture 5G networks will provide farmers and the agricultural industry at large with the infrastructure to leverage advanced Smart Farming IoT technologies for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing their agricultural and industrial operations. Today, there are an estimated 6.4 billion devices connected to the internet, however, according to Gartner, by the year 2020, there will be 20.8 billion internet connected devices. It is also estimated that, in the same year, 12,000,000,000,000 GB of data will be transferred between connected devices. In order to improve upon previous iterations such as 4G LTE, fifth generation (5G) wireless connection developers will need to bring into play various emerging technologies such as multiple input, multiple output (MIMO). MIMO is a wireless connection technology that uses multiple transmitters and receivers at the source and endpoint to allow more data to be sent and received simultaneously and could help carry the burden of a continued increase in the […]