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Inuitive NU4000 – Soft-bank

소프트 뱅크-이뉴이티브(Inuitive), 인공지능(AI) · IoT 분야에서 협력 이뉴이티브의 딥러닝을 위한 컨볼루션 신경 네트워크 엔진은 물체 감지, 분류 및 지역화, 장면 인식 등을 가능하게 소프트 뱅크와 이스라엘 센서·이미지 프로세서 개발사 이뉴이티브(Inuitive CEO 슐로모 가돗)는 인공지능(AI) 및 IoT 분야에서의 협력하기로 합의했다고 4일 밝혔다. 이뉴이티브는 3D 심도 센서와 컴퓨터 비전, 이미지 프로세서 등 인공지능(AI) 기술을 활용한 SoC(System on a Chip) 제품의 설계 및 개발 스타트업으로 지난 7월에는 국내 SK텔레콤과 3차원 실감형 증강현실(AR)·가상현실(VR) 솔루션 개발을 위한 양해각서를 체결하기도 했다. 특히 이뉴이티브의 NU4000은 증강현실(AR) 및 가상현실(VR), 드론, 로봇 및 기타 여러 어플리케이션을 위한 3D 이미지, 딥러닝 및 컴퓨터 비전(Computer Vision) 프로세싱을 지원하는 우수한 멀티 코어 비전 프로세서이다. 또한 딥러닝을 위한 컨볼루션 신경 네트워크 엔진(Convolutional Neural Network Engine)은 물체 감지, 분류 및 지역화, 장면 인식 등을 가능하게 한다. 한편 이번 소프트 뱅크와 이뉴이티브는 이뉴이티브의 3D 심도 센서의 애플리케이션 개발과 이뉴이티브가 새로 개발하는 센서 칩의 성능 검증, 이뉴이티브의 인공지능 칩과 소프트 뱅크의 IoT 플랫폼 및 솔루션과의 연계 […]

Deep Learning in Medical

Deep Learning In Medical Imaging Diagnosis Machines capable of analysing and interpreting medical scans with super-human performance are within reach. Deep learning, in particular, has emerged as a promising tool in our work on automatically detecting brain damage. But getting from the lab into clinical practice comes with great challenges. How do we know when the machine gets it wrong? Can we predict failure, and can we make the machine robust to changes in the clinical data? We will discuss some of our most recent work that aims to address these critical issues and demonstrate our latest results on deep learning for analysing medical scans. Ben Glocker is a Lecturer in Medical Image Computing at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. He holds a PhD from TU Munich, and was a post-doc at Microsoft Research Cambridge and a research fellow at the University of Cambridge. He received several awards […]

Deep Learning on Healthcare

Teaching Machines How To Spot Diseases Dr.Suchi Saria, holding a joint appointment in health system informatics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, presents “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare”.   In less than a decade, the field of “artificial intelligence” or “AI” has been jolted by the extraordinary and unexpected success of a set of techniques now called “Deep Learning”. These methods (with some other related rapidly advancing technologies) already exceed average human performance in some kinds of image understanding; spoken word recognition and language translation; and indeed some tasks, like the game of Go, previously thought to require generalized human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence may soon replace humans in driving cars, coding new software, robotic caregiving, and making healthcare decisions. The societal implications are enormous. TARGETED REAL-TIME EARLY WARNING SYSTEM Dr. Suchi Saria is an assistant professor of […]

Natural Language Processing

Oxford Course On Deep Learning For Natural Language Processing Deep Learning methods achieve state-of-the-art results on a suite of natural language processing problems.What makes this exciting is that single models are trained end-to-end, replacing a suite of specialized statistical models. The University of Oxford in the UK teaches a course on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and much of the materials for this course are available online for free.( This is an advanced course on natural language processing. Automatically processing natural language inputs and producing language outputs is a key component of Artificial General Intelligence. The ambiguities and noise inherent in human communication render traditional symbolic AI techniques ineffective for representing and analysing language data. Recently statistical techniques based on neural networks have achieved a number of remarkable successes in natural language processing leading to a great deal of commercial and academic interest in the field This is an […]