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Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is changing. Here’s how companies must adapt this article is the part of The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting,   /  written by Joe Kaeser The Fourth Industrial Revolution will eliminate millions of jobs and create millions of new ones. Image:     / REUTERS   Although we have only seen the beginning, one thing is already clear: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the greatest transformation human civilization has ever known. As far-reaching as the previous industrial revolutions were, they never set free such enormous transformative power. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming practically every human activity: the way we make things; the way we use the resources of our planet; the way we communicate and interact with each other as humans; the way we learn; the way we work; the way we govern; and the way we do business. Its scope, speed and reach are unprecedented. Think of it: Just 10 […]

Robot workers in the world

South Korea has the highest density of robot workers in the world Written by Rob Smith, Formative Content             publishing  by  the World Economic Forum. Robot workers have increased by 9% in Asia                                                      Image: Ford-India/Reuters/Babu Industrial robots are no longer preserved for a select few companies. And they aren’t so much coming: they have now fully arrived. Between 2015 and 2016, the average number of robot workers globally increased from 66 units per 10,000 human workers to 74. This density shows no signs of slowing according to data from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), that reveals the number of installed industrial robots within the global manufacturing industry in 2016. South Korea had 631 robots per 10,000 human workers, the most of any nation. The […]