Humanoid robot

   1.  Will Artificial Intelligence eliminate Humans life?     

By Electronics Media – November 25, 2017

This is a topic which is being discussed for a long time. Many scientists have raised several questions about it and everyone has different views on this.

On this topic, 75-year-old famous scientist Stephen Hawking said that we are moving towards destruction with increasing AI Technology.

According to Mr. Hawking, the

way we are becoming dependent on artificial intelligence; the day is no longer when Artificial Intelligence will replace human beings. We should think about this topic because we are standing in the phase of technology where it is impossible to return back.

Global population is increasing, which is a threat bell for us. According to Hawking, we are in danger of self-destruction for which we have to think and not only think we have to act.

Prior to this, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and many scientists have raised questions about AI Technology around the world where AI is making life easier for people and the same people are becoming dependent on this technology, which can be extremely dangerous.

There are many examples which have made us stop and think how we are becoming dependent on AI Technology and how AI Technology is establishing its own place in society

   2.    Saudi’s first robot citizen Sophia

Recently, robot Sofia, who looks like a human, got Saudi Arabian citizenship. Saudi Arabia is the first country that has given citizenship to a robot like humans.

     3.   Japan is making funeral Robots

Similarly, Japan is making funeral robots; it makes sense that we are becoming dependent on AI Technology

Japan has recently demonstrated such robots in “funeral industry fare” which will play all the rituals that occur in the Funeral. This robot has been given the name Paper. In future after the death of any human in Japan; these robots will replace all the rituals which were prior performed by Buddhist priests. These robots will recite the prayer and play drums in place of Buddhism priests.

By seeing such revolutionary progress we often feel glad and proud but the question always surrounds our mind

AI Technology will either change or eliminate the society?

        4.  Human-like Expressions  :   Face-Expressions


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