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AI Market Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Market Analysis By Solution (Hardware, Software, Services), By Technology (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision), By End-use, By Region, and Segment Forecasts, 2014 – 2025         by Grand View Reseach : Published, July 2017  |  Report ID:                                                                      GVR-1-68038-955-5 Industry Insights The global artificial intelligence market size was valued at USD 641.9 million in 2016 on the basis of its direct revenue sources and at USD 5,970.0 million in 2016 on the basis on enabled revenue and AI based gross value addition (GVA) prognoses. The market is projected to reach USD 35,870.0 million by 2025 by its direct revenue sources, growing at a CAGR of 57.2% from 2017 to […]

Cafe : Conglaturation !

 Cafe    :        Welcom to the KOREA  ROBOCOM  Co, Ltd. ! KOREA  ROBOCOM  CO, Ltd  are established in 2010,  Gimhae-City,  Gyungnam,  Korea.   We are in family companys of  the  Korea  Nanotech  Co, Ltd. (Korea Nanotechnology Group).  KOREA ROBOCOM  is  Researcher  &  Developer,  and  Manufacturer  about  Robots  &  Drone,  And   Data Science ( AI,  AR, VR, 4Th IR),   Social Networking,   Smart sensor ,  SMART-HOME, – FACTORY,  & – CITY,  and  Self – Driving st’m , and  Variable Sensors. Furthemore,   IoT  and  4″Th  Industrial Revolution,  and   Artificial Intelligenent ROBOTs   for  Combats,  Healthcare,  Banking,  Searching,  Teaching,  Cooking,  and  Home,  Factory,  Social  and  Service Robots.  The Robots of our products contains with AI systems. Our  KOREA  ROBOCOM  is  consists  of   5’s Divisons.    1). The division of  ROBOTs,     2). The  division of  AI  &  IOT,     3). The  division  of   SELF-DRIVING […]


           1.   VR ( Virtual Reality )  :                                                                         2.   AR ( Augmented Reality )  :                


    Drone   :       This impressive quadcopter #drone has passed thousands of tests and can be used to taxi people.#innovation #tech #AutonomousVehicles @Futurism


     Robots     :                                        1.      Industrial  Robot  ;                                                                                             2.    Service  Robot    :                                                                3.   Medical   Robot     :  

Data Science

Data- science  :                      1.    Artificial  Inteligent (AI)    :           1).                          2).          3).           4).                                                                            2.  Virtual  Reality (VR)  :                        3.  Augmented   Reality (AR)   :                          4.  Internet of  Things (IoT)     :                       5.   4Th   Industry  Revollution (4th IR)   […]