1.    Introduction     :

Welcome to  The Korea Robocom Group ( Korea Robocom Co,Ltd.)

KOREA  ROBOCOM  CO, Ltd  are established in 2010, Gimhae-City, Gyengnam, South Korea.   We are one of the family companies of  the  Korea Nanotech Co, Ltd.  (Korea Nanotechnology Group).  The KOREA ROBOCOM  is  Researcher, Developer, &  Manufacturer of Artificial intelligent(AI) Robots  for  Combats,  Healthcare,  Banking,  Searching,  Teaching,  Cooking,  and  Home,  Factory,  Social & Service Robots and  Data- Science  & AI,  AR, VR,  and  Social Net-working,  and  IoT & SMART-Home, – Factory,  & -City,  and furthermore,  INDUSTRIAL 4.0, and  Smart Sensors with 5G.

Every  Robots, Drone, 3d-Printers and All of our products contains with AI and Smart systems on cloud and 5G based..

2.    About  Us   :

   Our KOREA  ROBOCOM Group  is consists of  5’s  Divisions.

                1).  The division of  Robots, Drones & 3D-Printers               

                2).  The division of  Data-Science   ( AI & IOT, VR & AR, 4.0 -IR)                                           

                3). The division  of   Self-Driving    ( Drone, Cars, Air-crafts.)

                4).  The division  of  Sensors  ( 5’ Sensing, Temperatures,  Pressure,).

                5). The  Central  Research  Center. ( R & D  Center ). 

Worldwidly,   We are one of  leading  Groups in the future  of  AI & Thinking Humanoid- Robots,  Drones,  3D-Printers  with Data-science(AI,IoT,AR,VR,IR4.0)  for the quality of the Human-lifes will be updated  !

        WHEN EVER !,        WHERE EVER !        WHATEVER !,        WHOEVER !,

There is the  KOREA  ROBOCOM  GROUP !     Anywhere !,     Anytime !,    and    Always. !
 We  are  RESEARCHING, and  DEVELOPING  SOCIETY GROUP,     All  Over the World.  !.

 We’ll be just prepared  to    “YOUR  DREAM’S  COME  TRUE   !” 

 #.    Capital Raise in Korea Robocom Group :  USD $320M dollars                                             

1). Recruit Capital Investors as a shareholder by acquiring stocks.                                                                                                     
We have been established new independent robotics & data-science company “KOREA ROBOCOM GROUP” over the world in 2020 from a robotics division in Korea NanotechnologyGroup.,   We have secured a future growth engine that is changing rapidly by The 5-Years of Innovations & Developments Plan in Korea Nanotechnology Group,  We want to have foreign shareholders over the world.

                  1.  Individuals, Corporations, Fund managers, who are engaged in related industries.
                  2.  Total Amount of shares to be issue (USD$) :  USD$ 320M Dollars (320,000,000.00).
                  3.  Stack subscription period : Till 25th,November,2020.                                                                                   

 #. For more information, Please, Contacts us to following e-mail address.
                  E-Mail  :  krobocom1@gmail.com,   koreananogroup@gmail.com,                                                   

 2).  Attachment   /  Business Plan  ( reference )  : 

3.    Business     :

 We are research & development and manufacturer for various Robots, Drones & 3D-printers  and  AI & Data-science,  human-things interfaced,  IoT & 4Th industrial Revolution,  and  Self – driving system in Cars  &  Aircraft,   Rockets  and Underground over the world.  We are providing to Next Generation for smart life – living style,

             KOREA ROBOCOM Group is consist  of  6″s divisions

                      1).  The division  of   Robots,  Drone  and  3D-printers    

                      2). The  division  of  Data-Science ( AI & IoT,  VR & AR, 4.0-IR)  

                      3). The  division  of Auto & Self Driving System.( Car, Aerocrafts, underground )

                      4). The  division  of Sensors ( 5’ Sensing, Photo, Temperature,  Pressure,).  

                      5). The Central  Research  Center ( R & D ).